Everyone has a story but not everyone knows how to begin the brave and rewarding journey of sharing it. Utilizing her own writing process-from daily writing practice to self-publishing-Alexis has created a system of writing that will help support, motivate, challenge, and inspire you until you've reached that writing goal. Give yourself the best chance at writing and sharing your story. Be prepared to be encouraged & inspired!

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As a creative artist Alexis Wilson wears many hats. She sometimes works as a producer, director, re-staging her father's work (ballet & Broadway Dir./Choreographer Billy Wilson) or working on her one-woman show. Whether it's being behind the scenes or on the stage, Wilson's unique background brings all of who she is, with passion, to any given project.

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Since the success of her memoir Not So Black and White, Alexis has had the pleasure of enthralling audiences from Fortune 500 companies to Carnegie-Mellon University. Although currently working on her next book, she continues to speak on a variety of personal topics like abandonment, Broadway, AIDS, and triumph over challenge. Alexis is an easy speaker who has the gift of honest story-telling and the vulnerability to move you to tears.

{To book Alexis contact: Phyllis K. Sager, Esquire at atty.pks@verizon.net.}