People flock to ALEXIS WILSON’S captivating and unique presence. Lean in a bit closer to know her personal story plus the breadth of her endless talents and all you want is more. Although she comes from first class ballet and Broadway stock, you would never know it from her easy and non-pretentious manner. Her mother was a prima ballerina, her father a celebrated Broadway choreographer. She was born in Europe and bred in New York City where she was a professional dancer. She has performed classically and commercially all over the world. Alexis earned her B.F.A. in drama from Carnegie-Mellon University. After dancing, she acted in commercials and later became a casting associate. She has produced and directed numerous theatrical productions, as well as fund raising events – all with great success. Alexis has written and published poetry, a full length musical, made contributions to a variety of published works, and self-published her memoir, Not So Black and White. She is currently working on a new book with her two daughters which celebrates the mother/daughter relationship.

Wilson loves to keep busy and, as a mother of two and wife to a very busy in demand musician husband (Byron Stripling), she rarely has time to worry about that being an issue. But Alexis doesn’t like being busy for the sake of being busy. She likes to sink her teeth into projects with purpose, substance or cause. She continually asks the question, how can I serve? The overwhelmingly positive, emotional, and personal response she received from her memoir gave her tremendous satisfaction. It was a feeling that, perhaps through her own story, she can be of support or help, encouragement or inspiration to others. While we, in society, continue to break down barriers, bridge gaps, and embrace more inclusion there is still much work to be done. While marriage equality nationally becomes more accepted, we currently have a bullying epidemic in our schools where intolerance and difference remain conduits for fear based violence. For Alexis, having been brought up, since age eleven, by same sex parents and being the product of an interracial marriage, these are topics that hit close to home. 

Alexis has lived her life ‘out of the box’ and because of this she is passionate about nurturing others and their differences; insisting that these elements are everyone’s greatest strengths. She also reminds us that hard work, creating and recreating, facing challenges, and moving through life by learning to love more each day is the key to growth and endlessly evolving. 

Alexis lives to share these uplifting principles with the world; whether through speaking, performing or writing, her secret is creativity and her power is love!