Hello September!

When I think of September I do think of new beginnings. In August I wind up what's left of summer, reflect on what's been accomplished and what needs to be, lick any left over wounds from the last season, and get my ducks in a row in prep for this very month. But that's more the "work" side of September.

Personally, I love the idea and the chance at another fresh start to do more, do it better, and live more fully. When you have children, the start of yet another bump up in the school year makes the reality of time marching on all too real.

In my writing life, this month and the approach of fall helps to inspire my writing. This season I embark on a brand new book project with my daughters. A complete departure from my last one and one that should make for a very cozy, poignant, and meaningful fall and winter.

Whatever YOUR goals, dreams, and hopes might be, I encourage you to contemplate with purpose, with commitment, and with a feeling of joy as you begin this September and new season journey!

Happy September