exciting things are coming...

Well, we have roasted, toasted, boasted, sung carols, opened presents, and given thanks! Now we gear up for a brand New Year. What will 2015 bring? What can we and will we do to make it the most inspiring, productive, and successful year it can be? If you’re like me, you too are constantly working hard to balance it all, continually challenge yourself, create your best work, and somehow stay sane in the process. Unfortunately, I still haven’t found, been given or stumbled upon a magic pill to keep all of this in check. The only trick I know is to simply keep at it. When I get thrown off, I hold on with all my might to stay in the game and ask myself these questions:

  1. how can I be of service?

  2. where do I need to push myself harder?

  3. am I doing my best?

  4. am I being kind?

The goal is to be able to answer these questions with a “positive” and hopefully a complete and fulfilling positive so I can sleep at night knowing that I have done my best and that I’ve made choices that my children would be proud of. I often feel like a hamster on a wheel going nowhere fast but as long as I’m moving towards something I know I am going in the right direction. The best thing about a New Year, like a new day, is that it’s a golden shiny opportunity to get it right, to make a better choice, to dream a bigger dream, and make a larger wish or desire come true. I encourage each and every one of you to come up with just four questions you think are important for you to be able to answer with a positive, to discover for yourself what helps you to stay in the game when life throws you a curve, and to commit-if only to yourself-that you will do everything you can to achieve a dream worth dreaming and bringing to life. It may take longer than 2015 to get it right, give it legs or flesh it out but I challenge you this year to demand more and to never give up! 

Have a healthy, productive & glorious 2015!!